Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my land without planning permission?

Yes, and this makes perfect sense when you want a quick sale. But if you’re aiming to maximise the value of your land, obtaining the right planning permission could increase its value many times over.

At Aquilis we are planning permission experts, having obtained effective consents for many large and complicated schemes.

Can I get planning permission myself?

In theory yes, but in practice it’s a lot harder than people think. It can be an incredibly lengthy and costly process unless you know what you are doing.

A typical planning consent for a small property development in the West Midlands can cost in the region of £50,000, and there’s no guarantee this investment will result in planning consent.

It’s much better to use planning permission experts like Aquilis to deliver the optimum consent – using our time, our knowledge, our contacts, and our investment.

How much is my land worth?

There’s no fixed price as it will depend on the size, location, and usage of the land. We also have to take into account various factors such as access, soil conditions and drainage.

One we have conducted a site visit, free of charge and obligation, we can give you a realistic proposal.

How to sell land for development?

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to sell land for development, then just get in touch with us.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and can conduct a free of charge site visit and assessment, without any obligation.

Is selling garden land possible?

Yes – we’d just need to do a site visit to assess the potential of the land first. Joining together with a group of neighbours to sell land together is a more lucrative opportunity, and we can talk you through this if you get in touch with us.

Can I sell my commercial property quickly?

Yes – as we have the funding in place to buy the right sorts of property efficiently and quickly.

But, as leading planning permission experts, we can also work with you to increase the value of your land and achieve a far greater return for you.

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